FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia : Schedule, Stadiums, Groups & Teams

Yes it’s still way too early but the FIFA world cup 2018 which will be held in Russia had begun it’s preparations way back in 2015. The biggest sport competition of the world may be at least another year away but here are the complete schedule, groups fixtures and stadiums, so read on.

Starting from the schedules, to which team will find it easy and qualify to the knockout stages and which teams will have make the most of their chances. Let us start with schedule guide released by FIFA. The kickoff time will be updated shortly.

2018 FIFA World Cup – Schedule, Groups & Teams:

Group A
14/06/2018 16:00 Russia A2 -:-
15/06/2018 13:00 A3 A4 -:-
19/06/2018 19:00 Russia A3 -:-
20/06/2018 16:00 A4 A2 -:-
25/06/2018 15:00 A4 Russia -:-
15:00 A2 A3 -:-
Group B
15/06/2018 16:00 B3 B4 -:-
19:00 B1 B2 -:-
20/06/2018 13:00 B1 B3 -:-
19:00 B4 B2 -:-
25/06/2018 19:00 B2 B3 -:-
19:00 B4 B1 -:-
Group C
16/06/2018 11:00 C1 C2 -:-
17:00 C3 C4 -:-
21/06/2018 13:00 C1 C3 -:-
16:00 C4 C2 -:-
26/06/2018 15:00 C4 C1 -:-
15:00 C2 C3 -:-
Group D
16/06/2018 14:00 D1 D2 -:-
20:00 D3 D4 -:-
21/06/2018 19:00 D1 D3 -:-
22/06/2018 16:00 D4 D2 -:-
26/06/2018 19:00 D2 D3 -:-
19:00 D4 D1 -:-
Group E
17/06/2018 13:00 E3 E4 -:-
19:00 E1 E2 -:-
22/06/2018 13:00 E1 E3 -:-
19:00 E4 E2 -:-
27/06/2018 19:00 E4 E1 -:-
19:00 E2 E3 -:-
Group F
17/06/2018 16:00 F1 F2 -:-
18/06/2018 13:00 F3 F4 -:-
23/06/2018 16:00 F1 F3 -:-
19:00 F4 F2 -:-
27/06/2018 15:00 F2 F3 -:-
15:00 F4 F1 -:-
Group G
18/06/2018 16:00 G1 G2 -:-
19:00 G3 G4 -:-
23/06/2018 13:00 G1 G3 -:-
24/06/2018 13:00 G4 G2 -:-
28/06/2018 19:00 G4 G1 -:-
19:00 G2 G3 -:-
Group H
19/06/2018 13:00 H1 H2 -:-
16:00 H3 H4 -:-
24/06/2018 16:00 H4 H2 -:-
19:00 H1 H3 -:-
28/06/2018 15:00 H2 H3 -:-
15:00 H4 H1 -:-
Round of 16
30/06/2018 15:00 Winner Group C Second Group D -:-
19:00 Winner Group A Second Group B -:-
01/07/2018 15:00 Winner Group B Second Group A -:-
19:00 Winner Group D Second Group C -:-
02/07/2018 15:00 Winner Group E Second Group F -:-
19:00 Winner Group G Second Group H -:-
03/07/2018 15:00 Winner Group F Second Group E -:-
19:00 Winner Group H Second Group G -:-
06/07/2018 15:00 Winner AF 1 Winner AF 2 -:-
19:00 Winner AF 6 Winner AF 5 -:-
07/07/2018 15:00 Winner AF 8 Winner AF 7 -:-
19:00 Winner AF 3 Winner AF 4 -:-
10/07/2018 19:00 Winner VF 2 Winner VF 1 -:-
11/07/2018 19:00 Winner VF 4 Winner VF 3 -:-
Third place
14/07/2018 15:00 Loser HF 1 Loser HF 2 -:-
15/07/2018 16:00 Winner HF 1 Winner HF 2

Chances of Qualifying to Knockout Stages:

Germany, France, Brazil, Portugal, Poland, and Spain should progress through to the next round. The aforementioned teams have been drawn in relatively easier groups and can top the group as well. Ghana and Belgium should qualify given the prowess in the qualifiers.

Teams that will face an uphill task:

Despite such a star studded team, Argentina’s dependence on their little magician Messi, might prove costly. Italy will feel lucky to have been drawn in an easy group but their recent showings have lacked conviction. Host Russia could find them out of the tournament as they are having a lean patch of form since the Euro Qualifiers.

Potential Winners:

Current champion Germany, France, and Brazil are hot favorites and are playing beautifully as a team. Belgium could once again be considered as the dark horse with Spain regaining their dominance after a fruitful showing in the Qualifiers.

Senegal and Ghana could pull off major surprises if they qualify to the last 8 stage. However, Chile and Portugal will also be desperate to prove their critics wrong.

FIFA World Cup 2018 : Midfielders Who Can Dazzle the Game

The game of football is often decided by one piece of ingeniousness. It is inevitable that a forward will produce such moments, but often than not there is one midfielder who can dazzle and shimmer at the greatest stage of all.

Players Who Can Dazzle in FIFA WC 2018:

Here we look at some of the highly rated midfielders who can register themselves in the history books.

Isco (Spain):

A blend of Zidane’s calmness, and Iniesta’s twist and turns; Isco has grown into one of World’s best free roam players. In Zidane’s first season Isco was never a starter and looked set for a move away from the capital. However, the following season Isco repaid Zidane’s faith when he was given the role just behind the striker.

He has been phenomenal since then. Isco produced one of the finest performances against Atletico Madrid dropping deep to help out the central midfielders and dribbling his way out of trouble. Spain will bank heavily on Isco as Iniesta is well past his prime, and no one has yet matched Xavi’s brilliance. Spain can change their formation and give Isco a more central role. Alongside Thiago Alcantara they will form a formidable pair if played together.

Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium):

An elegant number 10 with a blistering right foot, De Bruyne has been inspirational for Pep’s Manchester City. There is no doubt whatsoever regarding his mastery, and his fizzing set-piece deliveries make him a complete midfielder. He can shoot from range and has the vision to pick put teammates in a better position.

Belgium’s squad boasts of World class players, but they were disappointing in the 2014 quarter final against Argentina. Belgium will look to build a team around De Bruyne and Eden Hazard. The latter will operate from the middle and with Romelu Lukaku in number 9, they can yield a sensational goal scoring spree.

Paul Pogba (France):

His recent 100+ million euros transfer to Manchester United took the World by surprise. He might not have produced performances justifying the cost, but there is no doubt regarding the tall and lanky Frenchman. Pogba can operate as a box-to-box midfielder and his diagonal balls are a treat to watch. He has the perfect blend of skill and tenacity to get past players, and can kick the bejesus out of the ball from both his feet.

France will bank on him alongside Dimitri Payet and Blaise Matuidi. Poga when given an advanced central midfield position can produce stellar performances. However, he will be under the pump after a hefty move, and a disappointing final of Euro 2016.

Bernardo Silva (Portugal):

There is no better player in the World right now in terms of dribbling other than Bernardo Silva. The Portuguese has been a revelation under Jardim’s Monaco where he has excelled as a traditional number 10. He can breeze past players with little pace but truckload of skills.

He missed his chance when he was injured just before Portugal’s Euro success, but this around he will surely make it count. The days of Cristiano Ronaldo dependency seems to be over as Bernardo Silva will look to forge a formidable midfield with Ronaldo up front. Portugal will make sure Silva plays in his typical position where he does not need to track back all the time. Renato Sanchez and William Carvalho will take up the initiative of playing the dirty game.